If you are a not for profit community organisation based in Coventry or Warwickshire we can help advertise a range of opportunities to students, from weekly volunteering to event support and short term group projects.

Who are our volunteers?

Our members are students at the University of Warwick, ranging from first year undergraduates to those undertaking research for a PhD. They come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

Points to bear in mind when working with students:

  • Students are flexible, and can often fit volunteering around their studies, this includes weekends and evenings.
  • We recruit most of our volunteers at the start of the academic year in October, although it is still possible to recruit throughout the year, particularly for one-off volunteering activities.
  • Students generally go home during vacation time (at Christmas, Easter and over the summer). This must be taken into account when considering the roles appropriate for a student volunteer. You should bear in mind that activity will drop off after April, when most undergraduate students have deadlines and exams -  Term Dates
  • Many postgraduate and international students can volunteer all year round.

Opportunities that we cannot advertise:

These include:

  • National volunteering. Warwick Volunteers is set up to support the local community around the University of Warwick and the areas where our students live (Primarily Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Warwick). You can advertise National roles free of charge via the online careers portal myAdvantage if they meet the advertising criteria.
  • Volunteering where the primary beneficaries are members of the University community, ie students or staff of the University.
  • Roles which would be classified as Voluntary (unpaid) Work and not Volunteering.
  • Internships or paid roles. You can advertise these roles free of charge via the online careers portal myAdvantage
  • Roles where volunteers will be working in an unsupervised environment or where the student will be volunteering alone in the community.
  • Opportunities which are for the promotion of religion or politics, or involve campaigning for a cause. 
  • Roles which are purely fundraising. We have to limit our involvement in fund-raising volunteering activities because the University has charitable status.

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